Enabling manual activities through Motion Controlled Arm Support


Currently people with weak or almost lacking arm function are heavily dependent of personal assistance by professional caregivers or relatives. People challenged by muscular or neurological disorders including stroken need assistance for numerous activities in daily life.

In several Western countries they have access to Assistive Technology to support their arm and hand function, so called Dynamic Arm Supports, or even to manipulators. However, there is a need to make this type of technology smarter, easy to operate and to let the user perform manual activities for a prolonged period by improving their functionality.

At the same time more persons will get access to state of the art Dynamic Arm Supports after the recognition that their performance can no longer be neglected.

The project partners collaborating in the project 'Motion Controlled Arm Support (McArm) work on the goal of delivering a smart dynamic arm support. It will be actuated and uses sensors sensing the user's weak arm motions to deliver support 'as needed'.


Project Characteristics

Running period: April 2011 – March 2014
Project Leader: Focal Meditech BV
Project partners: Zuyd University, Heerlen
Maastricht University Medical Center, MUMC+, Maastricht
Radboud Revalidatie, Nijmegen
M2Control, Uden
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eurocarbon BV
National Aerospace Laboratory, NLR, Marknesse
Cooperation: Moog BV
Framework: National Dutch Subsidy Programme 'Pieken in de Delta'
Co-financers: Provinces of Noord Brabant and Limburg

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