The Project: Aims and Goals

The goals of the project are to deliver the advanced prototypes of a smart Dynamic Arm Support in two versions:

  • A version commonly mounted on a wheelchair or working chair supporting its users during Activities of Daily Life (ADL). This robotised arm support (also called an exoskeleton) considerably adds functionality to the existing lines of products and postpones the use of stand alone robotics (manipulators) that completely take over functions.

  • The version of such an arm support for training in rehabilitation settings using virtual reality (serious gaming software) and haptic feedback. In this version the arm support allows for the use of arm movements to control games thus making independent training possible in an enjoyable and challenging way.

The development and construction of advanced dynamic arm supports requires the use of modern light weight materials. By using them strong and durable leightweight constructions with small volumes perfectly fitting to the human operator can be realised. Today knowledge of this domain is insufficient. Therefore a third and additional goal in this project is the application of advanced lightweight materials especially carbonfiber.